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Our podcast was started in 2021 by the Game Master, Dale Madison. This started as a passion project that turned into something more as we grew. When we started, we just wanted to share our story to other friends, but now we want to do more than that, such as provide content, inspire others, and overall tell a story! Collectively, we have 40+ years of experience playing the greatest roleplaying game, with some of us newer than others.

"I wanted to tell a story," Dale said, "I had tried other means; writing, acting, etc. But once I started podcasting and learning more about the medium, I realized I could add all of my talents and interests into one thing. So that's what I did!" Dale gathered a few of his close friends and started the podcast with the hope of providing an organic table experience to the listeners.

Our first 30 episodes were a kind of "trial run" that allowed us all to understand what it meant to be a podcaster, and allowed us to work out any kinks in our format and style. After about 1 year of producing the show, the equipment, format, and content expectations were new, reevaluated, and finalized. Which brings us to the show we have now! Our relaunch was set for February 4th, 2023, but with changes in the OGL, we were met with uncertainty. Our relaunch had been postponed, and we are excited to share that our show relaunched into the system of Pathfinder 2e at the beginning of April 2023. We hope you will join us on our adventures!

An Actual Play TTRPG Podcast



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